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NTN (non-terrestrial network: non-ground network) is a communication network system that connects the mobile body in the ground, the sea, and the sky in multiple layers.Internet connections can be provided to industries where IoT demand, such as fisheries and shipping industry that does not reach base stations on ground, and areas where infrastructure is not in place.

Build an ultra -wide area network from the sky

By using communication satellites and unmanned aircraft to build a network from the sky, stable communication services that will not be interrupted even in disasters can be provided.In addition, because it can cover the ultra -wide areas, it is expected that Internet connection will be possible even in places where the communication environment has not been set up so far, such as mountain areas, which will also lead to the elimination of the world's digital devices (information gap).。

Operates mobile base stations in stratum

In addition to communication satellites, in addition to communication satellites, unmanned aircraft flying to the strat cannot be equipped with communication equipment, etc., and uses a stratular communication platform called "HAPS", a system that can provide communication services in a wide area.。HAPS stands for "High Altitude Platform Station" (high altitude platform), which means "high altitude infrastructure station".By flying a battery or the like, it plays a role as a base station on the mobile terminal by flying a row of a stratified stratastic area of about 20 kilometers from the ground for a long time.

【NTN(非地上系ネットワーク)】〜 1分でわかるキーワード #1

Softbank promotes the development of NTN solutions.In addition to the HAPS, altitude and use, such as the "low orbit satellite" that provides communication while going around low orbitals (700 to 2,000 kilometers of altitude), and "Static orbital satellites" located near the altitude of about 36,000 kilometers over the equator.We have a lineup of solutions, and in the IoT era where everything leads to a network, we are promoting practical use in collaboration with partner companies to play a role as a platformer.


SoftBank's NTN concept

SoftBank is promoting Japan and global development of NTN (NON-Terrestrial Network) solutions that provide communication networks from outer space and stratums to achieve Internet connection from anywhere in the world.。

(Publication date: November 19, 2021) Sentence: Soft Bank News Editorial Department


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