Summer hair dry is a fight against sweat!Sarah glossy hair even in the hot and humid season with a wind that is not too hot with a large amount of air | Press release of Areti Co., Ltd.

Price down for a limited time, such as a moist care dryer equipped with a 3-color LED

Areti Co., Ltd.
At the Areti Rakuten Ichiba store of the beauty home appliance maker Areti. Will be sold at a special price.

I don't want to use the hair dryer after refreshing in the bath! It's a dry time that tends to be postponed, but hair is most easily damaged when it's wet. With natural drying, the cuticle will remain open and the moisture inside will escape, resulting in swelling hair. In addition, germs grow and cause scalp trouble. After taking a bath, it is important to cool down the whole body while towel-drying, and quickly dry from the root of the hair with a wind that is not too hot.

夏のヘアドライは汗との戦い! 大風量の熱すぎない風で蒸し暑い季節もサラ艶髪|Areti株式会社のプレスリリース

Areti's Moist Care Dryer Kozou d1621PK features a 3-color LED and a temperature and wind that can be selected in 6 steps from 40 to 85 ° C. Even on hot summer mornings and nights, it dries quickly with plenty of air volume, the LED light also cares for the scalp, and the gentle breeze makes it easy to blow. If you keep applying warm air of 100 ℃ or more for a long time, or if the hair dryer and hair / scalp are too close to each other, it may cause damage. Therefore, Kozou of Areti has a maximum temperature of 85 ℃ to reduce heat damage during drying. By adjusting the angle of the nozzle part, it can be used hands-free while it is placed on a table, so it is possible to dry while dispersing the wind. If you dry it too much, your hair will become dry, so it is also important to dry the roots while combing it with your hands. Since the scalp also sweats, the scalp is damaged by scrubbing when shampooing. I can't keep my styling because of sweat and humidity. Summer when hair tends to lose volume due to various factors. If your hair is flat, it will look old. The roll brush curling iron i706BK that starts up from the root is useful for worrying about styling collapse due to moisture and sweat. It can be used quickly like a brush even in the hot summer, and the titanium pin with good heat conduction quickly transfers heat to the hair, so you can keep your hairstyle firmly. The bangs and back of the head are fluffy just by wrapping the hair around the brush pin and raising the root. The temperature can be adjusted in 4 steps from 80 to 200 ° C, so you can use it at the temperature that suits your hair quality. 33% OFF for Moist Care Dryer Kozou during the Rakuten Shopping Marathon! 53% OFF for Roll Brush Hair Iron with Easy Volume Up! In addition, 15mm Precision i628BK that can be used with Areti's popular 2way, and whitening and moisturizing ingredients Price down items that are essential in summer, such as multifunctional UV cream that can be used by parents and children. Moreover, the points are up to 43 times! We are waiting for consecutive holidays at the Areti Rakuten Ichiba store. Click here for details Sale period: ~ Sunday, July 26, 01:59 Rakuten Summer Beauty Cosmetology Home Appliances Special Feature We are introducing. The coupon acquisition and usage period that can be used only at the target shops is until 23:59 on Saturday, July 31st. In addition to beauty home appliances that condition the skin and hair in summer, we also introduce cosmetics developed with consideration for compatibility with home appliances in the video. Please take a look. A beauty home appliance manufacturer from Nihonbashi, Tokyo that develops facial equipment and skin & hair care cosmetics, including hair irons and hair dryers. Not only can you enjoy various styling, but also hair irons are especially versatile to respond to user's worries such as swelling hair around the face and loss of volume with age. Our own brands include Areti., Which is particular about quality and guarantee, Clarity®, which delivers "easy to use" at a reasonable price, Amazon-exclusive home appliances (Exelential Excellent), and Amazon-exclusive cosmetics Essenshil (Essenshil). There is an essence). Official SNS You tube Instagram jp / * The following is special information limited to media personnel. Please refrain from disclosing information on personal SNS etc.
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