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* 1: 5% of income if income is less than 2 million yen

Medical expenses that are eligible for medical expenses deduction include medical expenses for medical treatment and treatment by doctors, purchase expenses for medicines and medical equipment, transportation expenses for outpatients (public transportation), room charges and meals at the time of admission, etc. 12 items are defined. Although it is widely accepted, there are some points to be aware of, such as not being accepted for medical treatment or items that are not directly related to medical treatment. I recommend. Human docks and health examinations are not deductible, but diagnoses for the treatment of illness are deductible.

Reference: Medical expenses subject to medical expenses deduction (National Tax Agency)

The medical expense deduction covers the medical expenses of the family (household) who lives together. Since the definitions of social insurance dependents and tax dependents are different, it is possible to add up medical expenses as one household even if the health insurance card is different. Please note that the medical expense deduction is applied for each household, so the person with the highest income in the household must file a tax return.

Points ・ Before filing a final tax return, check the medical expenses that are eligible for the medical expense deduction. ・ Apply for the medical expense deduction for each household, and the person with the highest income will file the final tax return.

Online tax return mechanism

With the introduction of the electronic national tax filing and tax payment system (hereinafter referred to as e-Tax) in 2004, it has become possible to prepare and submit final tax returns online.

At e-Tax, we prepare final income tax returns such as medical expenses deductions and housing loan deductions, prepare blue tax returns and income and expenditure breakdowns, electronic tax payments, and application forms for business start notifications and blue tax returns. We provide online services related to filing, tax payment, and application, such as submission of tax returns.

Until now, there were two ways to file a tax return with e-Tax.

One is the ID / password method. In order to use this method, you need to go to the tax office and verify your identity face-to-face. The other is an IC card reader / writer. If you want to use this method, you need to purchase peripherals to connect to your PC in advance. Although there are some differences, both of these two methods require some kind of advance preparation.

However, if you use the My Number card method using a 2D barcode that started in 2022, you can complete the procedure online without any prior preparation, so it is easier to use than before. increase. However, please note that you need to have an Individual Number Card.

Online tax return using e-Tax

You can file your tax return early by using e-Tax.

The tax return filing period is from February 16th to March 15th, but e-Tax can be used from early January.

In addition, e-Tax has the advantage that the refund procedure is quicker than the procedure by mail or at the counter.

There are multiple types of e-Tax, such as the WEB version used in browsers, the SP version used on smartphones such as Android and iPhone, and the e-Tax software that downloads and installs software on PCs. Yes (this article will explain the WEB version).

Reference: [e-Tax] Electronic national tax filing and tax payment system (Etax) --National Tax Agency

In order to file a tax return for medical expenses deduction online using the e-Tax software (WEB version), the following preparations are required.

・ Internet-enabled PC ・ Smartphone (Android, iPhone) ・ My number card and password information ・ Medical expense receipt ・ Medical expense notification (medical expense notification sent from health insurance) ・ Withholding slip ・ Refund transfer Advance account

Main operating procedure

1) Install the app "Mynaportal" on your smartphone and register your My Number card 2) Connect to the Internet with your PC and access the NTA's "Tax Return Special" site 3) e-Tax's "Tax Return Form" Access "Etc. Creation Corner" 4) Start creating tax returns and select My Number Card method (2D bar code) 5) Link information using a smartphone and a personal computer, and use e-Tax to My Make it possible to use a number card 6) Answer questions about filing with e-Tax 7) Enter a tax withholding slip 8) Enter medical expenses 9) Enter a receiving method

Operation procedure of e-Tax software (WEB version)

While looking at the PC screen, I will explain the operation procedure of the e-Tax software (WEB version).

Prepare your smartphone and install the app from the store. After the installation is complete, launch the app and register your Individual Number Card.

When installing the application "Mynaportal" and registering as a user, prepare your My Number Card and My Number Card password (4 digits) information.

Access the NTA's "Special Tax Return" site and click the red "Click here to create tax returns".

If you click "Start Creation" on the left side, the "Final Return Form Creation Corner" will start in a separate window. Subsequent operations will be performed in the "Final tax return preparation corner".

Click "Create a tax return for 3 years of Reiwa" and then click "Income tax" on the far left.

初めてでも安心!e-Taxを使ったオンラインでの確定申告(2) 医療費控除の確定申告をオンラインで行うには(WEB版) | TECH+ マイナビニュース マイナビ

Click "Create a tax return without cooperation" on the right side, and click "Next" on the lower right.

Click "I accept the terms of use and Next" at the bottom right.

If you haven't installed the app "Mynaportal" on your smartphone yet, install it.

At the pre-confirmation stage, information on the recommended environment such as the OS, browser, and PDF viewing software (Adobe Acrobat Reader Dc) will be displayed, so please confirm.

On the next screen, a 2D barcode for reading with the smartphone app "Mynaportal" will be displayed, so please prepare your smartphone.

Launch the app "Mynaportal" on your smartphone and tap the icon at the bottom right. Tap "Read 2D barcode" from the app menu to start the camera, so scan the 2D barcode displayed on your PC.

When you scan the 2D barcode with your smartphone, you will be asked to enter the 4-digit number as the password for the "digital certificate for user certification" on the application screen.

After entering the password, you will proceed to read My Number Card.

When the Individual Number Card is ready, tap "Start reading" at the bottom of the app screen. When the message "Ready to scan" is displayed, scan my number card.

There is an illustration showing the position of the Individual Number Card and the smartphone on the smartphone screen, so make sure that the Individual Number Card fits exactly in that position. At this time, if you press the My Number card against your smartphone and attach it, you can read it smoothly.

When scanning is complete, the following screen will be displayed on the smartphone app "Mynaportal". Tap "Close" to return to the PC screen.

When the reading of My Number Card is completed on the smartphone side, the following screen will be displayed on the PC, so click "Next".

Click "Next" at the bottom.

Click "Create a tax return" at the bottom right.

With the above operations, advance preparations are completed, and you can proceed to "Preparing tax returns, etc."

Then, follow the instructions on the screen to enter the required information. Click "Next>".

From now on, proceed to "Preparing tax returns, etc." Follow the instructions on the screen and enter the required information.

Select "Submit to the tax office by e-Tax" as the method for submitting the final tax return to be created.

After answering the questions such as whether you have income to declare other than salary and the number of withholding slips, click "Next".

Follow the instructions on the screen to enter the withholding slip.

When inputting for the first time, there is no "xml data" for automatic calculation, so select "No". Then click Enter.

If you have business income or real estate income, enter them on the next screen. When you have finished inputting, click "Finish input (Next)>".

Then click "Enter" to the right of the "Medical Expense Deduction" field.

Click "Apply medical expense deduction" on the left.

Select an input method and click "Next". Here, "Create a statement by inputting from the receipt of medical expenses" is selected.

Click Enter. In "Entering medical expenses", you will be required to enter documents such as medical expense receipts and medical expense notifications (medical expense notifications sent by health insurance).

Regarding the classification of medical expenses, treatment and hospitalization are "medical treatment / treatment", if a drug is prescribed or a drug is purchased, "medicine purchase", if a long-term care service is used, "long-term care insurance service", and outpatient expenses are " Enter "Other Medical Expenses". For details, please check the NTA website.

Reference: Example of input of medical expense receipt (National Tax Agency)

If there are other medical expenses to be entered, click "Enter another medical expenses" and enter the medical expenses. If not, click "Next" |

Check the calculation result on the next screen.

The amount is displayed in the medical expense deduction column, so check the contents. If there are any corrections or if you want to check the details, click "Correction / Confirmation".

If you have to enter tax credits and other items, enter them on the next screen.

After entering the information, the amount to be refunded will be displayed.

Click "Next", and if it corresponds to "Matters related to residence tax" on the next screen, enter the necessary items.

This completes the input.

Next, select the receiving method and enter your name and address.

Finally, the procedure is completed by sending and printing the tax return.

In this article, I explained about online tax returns for medical expense deductions using the My Number Card app "Mynaportal".

Those who have a My Number card among those who deduct medical expenses can complete the procedure online, so please refer to this article and try online final tax return for medical expenses deduction. I think.

Author: Takashi Kakai Mikatus Co., Ltd.

In 2018, he joined Mikatus Co., Ltd., which plans, develops, and operates the cloud tax, accounting, and payroll system "A-SaaS" for tax accountants. He belongs to a marketing group and is engaged in marketing work such as web advertising, SEO, public relations. Information useful for tax accountants and information useful for business, such as white paper production and e-mail newsletter management of the Web media "Lanchor" for tax accountants, are sent from various perspectives.

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