Former Uber Eats officer takes out confidential information District court decides to ban work at new job (Mainichi Shimbun) --Yahoo! News


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ウーバーイーツ元役員が機密持ち出し 地裁、転職先で勤務禁止決定(毎日新聞) - Yahoo!ニュース

Tokyo District Court = Taken by Takeshi Yoneda

"Uber Eats Japan", which develops a home delivery agency service, has filed a provisional disposition requesting that it not work for a competitor, alleging that confidential information has been taken out by a former male officer (53) who was in the No. 2 position, and the Tokyo District Court is confidential. The decision was made to allow the information to be taken out and prohibit working at the new job. It was recognized that the materials related to the performance compensation of the delivery staff corresponded to confidential information, and the district court decided that it might be used at the new job destination. [Quest screen] If it rains, the reward will be ... "Quest" that creates dangerous driving "Quest" under the new coronavirus There is also "demand for nesting", and competition in the food delivery industry is intensifying. Uber claims in a trial that "the vendors are investigating the specifications of each other's apps and compensation for delivery personnel. Extremely useful information has been brought out to competitors," and criminal accusation of a former officer. I am also considering that. According to the decision dated May 31, 2021, the former officer joined the Japanese subsidiary of Uber Eats in January 2008 as the general manager of the sales department. When Uber, who received information that a former officer would change jobs, conducted an internal investigation in January 2009, analysis of customer requests and business improvement plans were transferred from the former officer's personal computer to the personal cloud. .. When he was put on standby at home due to the possibility of violating company regulations, the former officer notified him of his retirement by e-mail, and in February 2009, he changed his job to the Singapore corporation of the food delivery agency service "Foodpanda". Foodpanda closed its business in Japan in January this year. The former officer insisted that "the information was transferred as a backup in case of trouble with the company's personal computer" at the trial of provisional disposition, but the district court said that it was not recognized that all the information was deleted even after retirement, and at the new job. Judging that it may be used. There is a provision in the employment contract that you will not work for a competitor for 9 months after retirement, and the ban period is 9 months. The Uber side also filed a lawsuit for damages of about 55 million yen including the return of paid salary to the Tokyo District Court, and the former officer requested the dismissal of the claim at the first oral argument in January this year. According to a survey released by research company "ICT Research Institute" in April 2009, the market size of domestic food delivery services, which was 363.1 billion yen in 2018, is estimated to nearly double to 682.1 billion yen in 2011. ing. Uber Eats Japan commented, "The information taken out contains extremely high-level confidential information in business, and the actions of former officers are socially unacceptable." A lawyer representing a former officer responded to the interview that "I cannot comment because it is in dispute." [Kazuhiro Toyama]

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