Kaoru Mitsumune challenges digital drawing! What are the benefits of using an LCD pen tablet and a digital pen?

Kaoru Mitsumune Artist / Actor Born in Ehime Prefecture in 1993 and raised in Osaka Prefecture. After working as a member of AKB48 from 2011 to 2012, he has been widely active as an actress and a model. Currently, he is also active as an artist, drawing detailed ballpoint pen drawings using a polycarbonate ballpoint pen 0.7 mm, and MBS / TBS series "Prebat! 』And attracted attention in watercolor painting and blackboard art. The next solo exhibition is scheduled for spring 2010 in Ginza. His Twitter account is (@mtmnkor) and his Instagram account is (@mtmnkor). He also (@ mtmnkor.art) mainly publishes information on ballpoint pen drawings.

"I'm not suitable for digital" -surprise and discovery from my weakness!

"Actually, I've tried to draw digitally for the first time around the beginning of this year."

Mitsumune recalled while connecting "Wacom One" to a MacBook that he said was used privately.

"But at that time, I think the pen settings weren't set up well. It was so difficult to draw that I thought,'I'm not suitable for digital.'"

I heard that Mr. Mitsumune is not good at digital so far, so this time Mr. Tanaka of Wacom will be in charge of the lecture. After completing the settings for "Wacom One", install the illustration creation software "CLIP STUDIO PAINT" and you are ready to go.

This time, Mitsumune will use "Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom," a collaboration digital pencil between Wacom and Mitsubishi Pencil. It looks exactly like the Mitsubishi pencil "Hi-uni" that everyone has used once, but it is actually a digital pencil that can be used with Wacom's LCD pen tablet.

Mitsumune was surprised at this pen, saying, "It really looks like a pencil!" "I usually use Mitsubishi Pencil for all drafts, so it doesn't feel strange at all. It's familiar to" analog people "like me, and the digital hurdles are lowered."

Mitsumune, who can be said to have touched digital for the first time. With the familiar look of "Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom" in your hand, you can smile.

"Well, can I also set the pen pressure !?"

While receiving the lecture by Mr. Wacom Tanaka and making the initial settings, Mr. Mitsumune made many surprises. It seems that the pen pressure setting was particularly shocking.

"I'm the type with a weak pen pressure from the beginning. When I draw a ballpoint pen, I have a habit of not applying pressure because the gradation does not appear unless I draw lightly with a weak pen pressure. "

Wacom's pen tablet not only senses the pen pressure and adjusts the line thickness and darkness, but it can also be set to produce thick and dark lines even when the pen pressure is weak. Also, by changing the type and size of the brush, you can draw lines that imitate the drawing taste of various painting materials such as pencils, ballpoint pens, and paintbrushes, which is unique to digital.

"It's fun to choose and set brushes, and it's exciting! I think the feeling of drawing is very close to analog."

Mitsumune who received the lecture. With amazing absorption power, I was able to master the LCD pen tablet in no time.

After a brief lecture, concentrate on the work production mode. This time, we asked you to draw the character "Gazu", which can be said to be the alter ego of Mitsumune.

Mr. Mitsumune who masters the layer function etc. and proceeds with the production smoothly. I finished drawing the draft, painted it, and gradually started to see the completed drawing.

光宗薫がデジタル作画に挑戦! 液晶ペンタブレットとデジタルペンを使って感じたメリットとは

"The theme of this work is" Adventure in the Deep Sea. "The ability to cast shadows was interesting, and as I cast shadows, I came to the image of" Gazu "drawing in the deep sea."

The appearance of "Gazu" holding a Wacom pen drawing happily in the deep sea overlaps with Mitsumune, who enjoys drawing digitally.

After that, Mitsumune's hands did not stop, and the work was completed over a long period of time. Mr. Tanaka of Wacom is also amazingly complete with Mitsumune's absorption power and digital mastery!

Interview after the completion of digital drawing!

We asked Mr. Mitsumune, who finished the work, about his impressions of taking on the challenge of "almost the first" digital drawing.

--How was your experience with digital drawing?>

"It was a lot of fun! I had a great opportunity. I felt that being able to express things that analog couldn't do is one of the strengths of digital."

――What is an expression that cannot be made into analog?

"For example, if you draw watercolor on a line drawn with a ballpoint pen in analog, it will blur. In analog, there are restrictions depending on the painting material. But in digital, there are no such restrictions and various expressions can be expressed. You can do it, or you can switch in the middle. "

――It seems that your senses will be completely different from your usual work making.

"That's right. Originally drawing with a single ballpoint pen, I can't erase it even if I think it's a little different. I have no choice but to move on. But digital can be quickly returned to the previous state. I think it's a feature that analog doesn't have. Conversely, it can be difficult to stick to it because you can pursue perfection (laughs). "

――It is true that "fixing" is a merit unique to digital.

"Of course, analog also has merits. Digital can do more than your own drawing power, so if you want to improve your drawing power firmly, analog may be better. I think that is the right way to use it. However, if the vision I want to draw is decided, I think that the merit of digital to go there in the shortest time is great. "

――Is it possible to make use of digital drawing for future work?

"I think I can make use of it. In my work, I often hand over the work as data in the end. In that case, I scan the work drawn with a ballpoint pen, but I have a problem when that happens. The white and black parts of the picture are nice, but the shades of the neutral color disappear without being able to scan about half. "

――That's a problem.

"Even if you ask a painting specialist to scan, it is impossible to produce 100% of the gradation of neutral colors. In other words, there is a gap between the data and the actual product. But with digital drawing, that gap is created. There is no such thing. It is a big attraction to be able to deliver the picture you drew as it is. "

--Did this experience change the image of digital drawing?

"You've changed to a better one! With" Hi-uni DIGITAL for Wacom, "the drawing feels comfortable. Now that you can learn the basics of how to draw on YouTube, it is recommended for people like me who are interested in digital but have high hurdles and could not challenge. "

This time, while I was making my work digitally, Mitsumune-san repeatedly used the word "fun". If you are an artist like Mitsumune who is making works in analog, why don't you try digital drawing with this in mind?

This time, I'm using this!

"Wacom One LCD pen tablet 13" is recommended for those who want to challenge digital illustration from now on and want to start editing photos and videos. It can also be used as a memo writing and communication tool for remote work and remote lessons. Even if you are a digital beginner, you can easily get started with "Wacom One LCD Pen Tablet 13".

Wacom One LCD pen tablet 13

A digital pencil that is a collaboration between Mitsubishi Pencil and Wacom. Since it uses the same wood as "Hi-uni", it is very light and comfortable to hold and easy to use. The slightly shorter pencil extender is easy to draw from the beginning, so it fits comfortably in your hand and is perfect for sketching, drafting, and designing. Compatible models are only "Wacom One LCD pen tablet 13 (DTC133W0D)".

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