"In -flight mode" is amazing! Introducing recommended usage that is not only blocking radio waves

Introducing in -flight mode

What is an in -flight mode?

As the name suggests, the in -flight mode is a function aimed at restricting the use of wireless communication of passengers on an airplane so that it does not hinder airplanes.It is used for mobile terminals that emit radio waves, such as personal computers and smartphones.

■ Examples of products with in -flight mode

Why there is an in -flight mode

There is a rule that radio waves of communication equipment should not be emitted on board for the safe operation of airplanes.For this reason, an announcement has been made to encourage the power to turn off in an airplane for a long time.

However, with the spread of mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops and the frequency of use, there was a need to use the time on the plane without turning off the power.Therefore, an in -flight mode that can block radio waves without turning off the power was created.

Functions that can be used in in -flight mode and cannot be used

To master the in -flight mode, you need to know what you can do and what you can't do when you set it in an in -flight mode.From now on, I will introduce what you can do and what you can not do in in -flight mode.

Can Wi-Fi be used even in in-flight mode?

Wi-Fi is available even if you use it in-flight mode.

If you turn on the in -flight mode with a smartphone or the like, all radio communication will be cut off.After that, if you turn on the Wi-Fi setting in the in-flight mode, you will be able to use the Wi-Fi connection.

Can Bluetooth be used in the in -flight mode?

Bluetooth is also available in board mode.

Like Wi-Fi, you can use it by turning on the Bluetooth after setting it off after setting it to the in-flight mode.

What are the phone calls or incoming calls in the in -flight mode?

During the airplane mode, you cannot call because communication is blocked.There is no notification of incoming calls.In addition, there is no incoming call history for telephone calls that were set in the in -flight mode.

Be careful if you can get an important call while traveling by plane.

「機内モード」がすごい! 電波の遮断だけじゃないオススメの使い方を紹介

Conversely, when you call the opponent in the in -flight mode, you will get an announcement such as "the radio wave does not reach".

What is the alarm in in -flight mode?

Alarms can be used even when in -flight mode is set.The in -flight mode blocks the radio waves, but it is not a setting that does not sound.If you want to avoid sounding, use manner mode.

Merit of in -flight mode

In -flight mode has many useful uses other than blocking radio waves.Here, we will introduce the benefits of using in -flight mode.

You can save traffic

In -flight mode, all data communication is blocked, so there is no communication fee while using the in -flight mode.For those that communicate in the background, such as apps, you can shut out communication by using in -flight mode.

Therefore, you can save communication charges by frequently set in the machine mode when there is no need for communication.

Can save battery

In -flight mode can save battery.

To perform data communication, use a smartphone battery, but by cutting data communication, you can reduce the number of batteries.

If you are worried about the remaining battery level, use it in board mode to reduce the consumption of the battery.

You can shorten the charging time

If you set it in an in -flight mode, the battery decreases, so you can charge it in a shorter time than usual.If you don't have enough time to complete the charging, and you want to charge as much as possible in a short time, use an in -flight mode.

If you turn off the power, it will take time to turn on and get up, but in the in -flight mode, it is recommended that you switch on and off immediately.

You can prevent incoming calls and notifications from coming

In -flight mode, incoming calls and notifications will not come.

In -flight mode is recommended if you want to avoid a sudden incoming call or notice when you are concentrated on something and get in the way of work.

Can be reset when radio waves are difficult to connect

If the radio waves are suddenly interrupted or if the radio waves do not enter for some reason, let's reset the radio wave status in the airplane mode.

Once the radio waves are cut off, the radio waves may be improved by cutting the in -flight mode.If the radio waves are cut off in a place where radio waves should enter, try to revive in the airplane mode.

You can read it without reading the LINE message

When you open the LINE message, you can see that you have read the message and read the message.However, if you read the message once and read the message, you will not be able to read it.

When you want to check the message so that you do not know that you have read the LINE message, such as "I want to think slowly reply" "I am busy and I can not reply, but I want to check only the message first".In -flight mode is convenient.

However, if the in-flight mode is released or connected to Wi-Fi in the airplane mode, a read mark will be attached.Be careful not to connect to data communication to prevent reading.

Disadvantages of in -flight mode

Although it is a convenient in -flight mode, there are disadvantages and points to note.In order to use the in -flight mode conveniently, check the disadvantages.

I don't notice the incoming call

If you use it in -flight mode, you will not notice that the phone has arrived because there is no history of incoming calls.You may not be able to call back immediately, so you may forget to contact me.

Missed emails and messages

Emails and messages sent during the in -flight mode are received when the in -flight mode is canceled.However, it is safer not to use it if there is a possibility that you will be able to respond in real time because it will be delayed to notice.

Also, if you receive a large amount of e -mail after removing the in -flight mode, you may overlook the necessary contact.

Forget to unlock in -flight mode

Set the in -flight mode and be careful not to have forgotten to release it.You may have an important contact in the in -flight mode.

If you think, "The smartphone is quiet today," it may be that it was in the airplane mode.Let's release it frequently

Let's use the in -flight mode

In -flight mode is a function that blocks communication.By using in -flight mode, there are various advantages, such as shut out of radio waves on an airplane, reducing battery consumption and shortening charging time.

On the other hand, in -flight mode, you may not be able to receive incoming calls and messages in real time, so you may miss an important contact.

When using in -flight mode, understand the advantages and disadvantages correctly and use them.

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