Mazda's Omoki Pillar CX-5 significantly improved!

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マツダの大黒柱CX-5大幅改良!! 走行&快適性能向上で疲れにくくなった…って本当かガチで試してみた

 The Mazda CX-5 was greatly improved in November 2021.It is amazing to be able to put this significant improvement in the global market that occupies about one -third![Image gallery] Introducing the difference between the new and old models of the Mazda CX-5 in photos (24 pieces) In addition to the concept of "Sky Active Vehicle Archikucha-", the function of the seat is also evolved in addition to the body and suspension.It is made, and in addition to driving performance, it has improved comfort.Therefore, this time, we tested the effect of this significant improvement to the driver using a measuring instrument while comparing the model ride before and after the improvement.In addition to the conventional evaluation of whether Mazda's horses are really realized, I would like to quantify and visualize and verify them.Sentence, Photo/Bunhiro Hagiwara, Cooperation of Coverage/Murata Seisakusho

Check the movement of the autonomic nervous system with heart rate and pulse fluctuation


MF100 of the fatigue stress meter used this time

This table represents the degree of stress on the horizontal axis, and the degree of fatigue accumulation on the vertical axis.

Since the reference value of the autonomic nervous system differs depending on the age, it is displayed by the deviation value.

 This time, as a measuring instrument, Murata Works was sold by Murata Works.This measuring instrument is a hybrid that uses two methods, electrical and optical, and measures the fluctuation of heart rate and pulse.In this measuring instrument, Bluetooth is the internal organs.Transferred to the downloaded Sumatopone or tablet of the dedicated app.This is to send this to the server of the Institute of Fatigue, which is the developer of the app, and analyze the function of the autonomic nervous system to quantify the person's tiredness.For example, move your hands and feet when running.It is the brain that instructs it, but as a result of the act, the heart rate increases, sweats, and the breath becomes rough.It is the autonomic nervous system to control this.If the autonomic nervous system is fully rotated, the brain will eventually get tired and a signal is "tired."This is the identity of so -called "fatigue".The vertical axis of the table indicates the degree of fatigue, represented by the deviation value, 42 or more, and when it is less than that, it is tired.And the horizontal axis shows the balance of stress, 2.When you go to the left from 0, you are relaxed.If you go to the right, you will be stressed.The blue part on the upper left upper left is an idling stop, etc., and can be driven eco -driving.The upper right is running with the accelerator fully open.The lower right is a very tired state with the accelerator stepping on.And the most pinch is the lower left, and here is a completely lack of gas.I'm sleepy and lazy.Before going to bed, the lower left is normal, and you will refresh by taking a good sleep and enter the healthy area in the upper left.The function of the autonomic nervous system declines with age.It is only about half of the 20s and 40s compared to the actual comparison.Even if you are young, you can work all night, but if you are in your forties and 50s, you will not be used the next day.It is natural due to the decline of the autonomic nervous system.Murata's "fatigue stress meter MF100" can be measured by the reference value according to the age of the user at the time of data entry.


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