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Windows 7 support is over!Solve "What should I do?"


Windows 10のメディアってどこから入手すればいいの? - INTERNET Watch

 Windows 7 support will end in January 2020.As a help for those who are in trouble or uneasy to move to Windows 10, we will post this series that can solve the questions of the transfer.(Editorial department)

 The tools for creating a media for installing Windows 10 can be downloaded from the following web page (as of May 29, 2019, you can get the May 2019 Update, which corresponds to version 1903).

 You can also upgrade to Windows 10 by clicking [Update now] on the following web page and running a tool that can be downloaded.Click [Download tools right now] underneath to download the "Media Creation Tool" tool.

 By executing this, you can create a USB memory for Windows 10 installation or download an ISO file for installing DVD media for installation.You can also upgrade the OS directly from this tool.

「Media Creation Tool」を使えば、Windows 10インストール用のUSBメモリやDVDメディアを作成可能

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