This is the near future! PC "Aipc" with no display, keyboard or mouse

No longer science fiction! I want to operate a computer without using a keyboard or mouse!

In the age of computers, electronics and technology, the age of television, which is rapidly progressing, is truly remarkable.

In the world of high-tech, high-leg computers, you still need a keyboard and mouse to operate.

It is troublesome that the input device itself remains the same as before, even though the computer itself is becoming smaller, lighter, more functional, and more powerful.

When you watch sci-fi movies, there are many scenes where you reach out to the image projected on the projector or the big screen in the space and operate it directly.

If you're going through the trouble of operating a computer, it's about time you wanted to control it in such a futuristic way.

Projecting a screen onto a wall or table?

Regarding the operation of the computer, I think that it is difficult to directly operate the screen floating in the space unless it is AR glasses, but at least it is projected on the wall or table with a projector. I want you to be able to operate the screen directly.

In this age of digital gadgets, isn't there a gadget that allows you to operate a computer by touching the screen projected by a projector on a table or the like...?

By the way, I'm happy that the OS is Windows 10.

Actually there is.

This time, AFU STORE (Xinsankai Co., Ltd.) has started listing on the support purchase service "Makuake", this is the near future!

……Anything, if you have this, you can not only enjoy images on a large screen without being restricted by the size of the room, but you can also project images on the desk and make it a display-free computer that can be operated by touch. is!


Equipped with Windows 10!

Equipped with Makuake/Windows 10!

Projection type computer "Aipc"

"Aipc" is the near future!

What if you could directly operate your computer by touching the image projected on your computer screen?

I'm sure you've had that dream more than once or twice.

It is already a self-evident truth that everyone admires how to operate a computer in the near future.

In the world of personal computers, which have progressed rapidly and have evolved into far more advanced functions since their introduction, it is undeniable that it was difficult to operate them without a keyboard and mouse.

Are we freed from the distinction between devices and can't operate our computers freely?

After boldly taking on such a difficult task, I was finally able to overcome it with a PC that does not require a display and can project images onto a desk and be touch-operable, released by AFU STORE.

Honestly, the moment I saw this computer, I knew I wanted it. Buy it at the editorial department, and I'll die for you!

Can you do anything you can't?

Let's take a closer look at the features of the "Aipc" computer, which is operated by touching images.

You can do great work anywhere!

As I said many times, "Aipc" projects images on a table or wall using the projector function, and the image projected by the "infrared sensor system" built into the main unit is displayed by hand. You can operate or touch.

Because it is equipped with Windows 10.

●Creating documents and presentations! ● Email! ●Video call! ● Game play! ●Others!

You can do anything except what you can't do on a Windows 10 computer, such as


This is the near future! Display and keyboard

And then...

● Equipped with an ultra-short-throw projector!

and so on.

Tables, floors, walls!

"Aipc" can be projected onto a flat surface, such as a table, a floor, a wall...

Any flat surface becomes a screen.

You can use a large screen of 23 inches in "desktop mode" and a super large screen of 23 to 100 inches (recommended size is 40 to 60 inches) in "wall mode". In addition, since it is equipped with a web camera, video calls and web conferences are also possible.

With 10-point multi-touch support, you can freely enjoy playing the piano keyboard with a music app or using the screen as a touchpad.

A large screen of up to 100 inches makes you feel like you are in a movie theater!

"Aipc" is 23 to 100 inches in "Wall mode", and if the projection distance is about 31 cm, you can watch images on a large 60-inch screen. Because it is a so-called "short throw projector", it can be installed much closer to the screen than a normal projector.

Because of the DLP method (image display system method using a digital mirror device), it is clear, has a high degree of color reproduction, and is easy on the eyes.

In addition, the input signal of "Aipc" supports 4K (3840 x 2160), and the output is 1280 x 720P HD high quality, so you can enjoy beautiful and clear images.

Brightness is 200lm and very bright.

Safe PC with Windows 10!

After all, "Aipc" is a "Windows 10 PC" with a built-in projector. I can do it.

The AI ​​assistant "Cortana" is also available, so you can enjoy playing with voice control.

The CPU is made by safe and secure Intel. Equipped with a 2.5W speaker, you can enjoy powerful music.

The built-in battery has a large capacity of 5000mAh and is an excellent product that can operate continuously for more than 2 hours. If it's a movie, you can screen a whole one!

The cooling fan has a speed of 3000 times/min and the operating noise is less than 33dB. The sound is also Shizuka Gozen.

Even the output port...

●USB3.0 port x 2 ●HDMI output port ●Earphone jack ●DC jack

And so on.

And many other new functions and features!

"Aipc" has various other new functions and features.

●The main body is made of aluminum alloy and is durable! ●Size is 207.5 x 115.5 x 48mm, weight is 1.15kg, super compact and lightweight!


The main specifications of "Aipc" are as follows.

Product name: Projection type computer "Aipc" Projection technology: DLP@TI Brightness: 200 ANSI lumens Contrast: 600:1 Compatible resolution: 3840 x 2160 Panel pixels: 1280 x 720 Light source: RGB LEDCPU: Intel Pentium processor N4200 OS: Windows 10 Home Operation Method: Desktop Touch Memory: DDR3L 1866MHz 4GB Storage: eMMC: 64G/128G Bluetooth: 4.0 Microphone: Built-in Speaker: Monaural Speaker 2.5W Screen Ratio: 16:9 Refresh Rate: 60Hz Battery: 11.1V 5,00mAh Built-in Camera : 2 million pixels Port: USB3.0 x 2 HDMI earphone jack (3.5mm), power supply (DC port) Size: 207.5 x 115.5 x 48mm Weight: 1.15kg

……However, unless you actually project something like this on a wall or desk and operate a PC, you won't really understand it.

So this time, this is the near future!

I tried "Aipc"!

This is "Aipc", a computer that does not require a display and can be touch operated.

It's one or two times bigger than the so-called keyboard projection peripherals, but it's not so big that you can't carry it around.

Thinking that if you have this, you can operate a computer like in the future, and the image in your heart is projected in anticipation.

It also came with a special pen and a screen for when the table surface is not suitable for projection. If there is even this, it is already perfect!


It seems that you can also calibrate.

Click here for the actual trial video! ▼

This is the near future!

This is the near future!

For the next work, please use a computer that can be used without operating it!

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