Samsung, Taylor, Texas, USA new semiconductor factory $ 17 billion

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[Seoul / Austin on the 24th Reuters] -South Samsung Electronics in Korea announced on Tuesday that they have chosen Texas Taylor as a construction site for a new US semiconductor factory for $ 17 billion.

The company has been considering location in Arizona and New York, but has chosen Texas, the only US semiconductor factory.It is said that the stability of the infrastructure, the support of the local government, and the proximity to the existing factory in Austin, the state.

According to Samsung's announcement, construction will start in the first half of next year and aim for operation in the first half of 24 years.Estimated 2,000 skills will be newly adopted.Texas Governor Abbott said in a document that more than 6,500 employment in the construction industry would be created.

Governor Abbott held a press conference with Vice Chairman Kim Ginam, who bundled Samsung's semiconductor division, and the company chose Texas, based on low tax rates, moderate regulations, and solid infrastructure.He emphasized that it was a sign of a good economic environment.

サムスン、米テキサス州テイラーに新たな半導体工場 170億ドル

In the state, a power outage occurred in a few days last winter, causing a factory in Austin, Samsung suffered a loss of $ 250 million to $ 30 billion.

Mr. Abbotto was asked about power supply to the Samsung Plant, saying, "I am strongly confident that the power net is stable, resistant, and reliable."

Relationship has stated that Williamson County, including Taylor, has proposed a more fulfilling support measures than other candidate sites to attract the Samsung Plant.

The Governor of Abbott stated on Tuesday that Samsung would add $ 27 million subsidies for employment creation from the State "Enterprise Fund."Details have not been disclosed about other support measures.

Vice Chairman Kim expeditioned to the US administration for the Biden administration, saying in a document that it has developed an environment that supports companies such as Samsung, which is working to expand the production of state -of -the -art semiconductors in the United States.

Samsung plans to produce high -performance logic semiconductors that are expected to be used on mobile terminals and automatic driving cars at the new factory, but no other products have been disclosed.

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