Monst: probability that a rare 5 character that has been found by pulling rare gacha 450 times will come out

Nono "My name is Nonoe, a newcomer. Thank you !!" Murarin "Soon, can you put monster on your iPhone? I want you to put out a rare 5 monster in rare gacha.

"Monster Strike" (Monst), which is familiar with "New sensation action RPG!"I was a little bit touched on the tutorial before, almost my first time.I felt that my position in the editorial department would be determined by the rare 5 or not here, and I installed monsters on the iPhone at the speed of light.

Murarin "If the last name is Nonoe, how do you aim for nonno?" Nono "It's a very rare character ... Well, it's so cute, I'll pull it right away, maybe."

Use 5 orbs that can be obtained by clearing the Murarin demon rules tutorial clear.If you don't get Nonno, start over from the beginning.・ Use the editorial department where many strikers gather.Use an orb that you can get with a multi -play face -to -face communication bonus.・ Continue until nonno comes out.

June 2 (first day) Gacha 45 times campaign: Gacha "Super Beast God Festival"

It seems to be a campaign where rare 4 or more appears in a confirmed campaign, is it unexpectedly Lakshor?

……After several hours

Does not appear

Murarin "In the previous season, Lily was not bad ..."


June 3rd (2nd day) Gacha 139 times Campaign: Gacha "God theory"

It seems that the appearance probability of a character that can be "divinified" that includes the nonno you want is increased.

Nono "Wow, could you forgive me in the world ..." Murarin "I'll let Akira -chan draw tomorrow, so it's strong."

June 4th (Day 3) Gacha 252 times Campaign: Gacha "God theory"

Jisatra Akira "For tomorrow's Puzzle Dragon Ball Gacha, Lucky (laughs)" Nono "... Start the sub -machine Nexus7"

June 5th (Day 4) Gacha 33 times Campaign: "Ragnarok of Fate"

A new event "Ragnarok of Fate" has begun on this day (related article).Ask, today.

Murarin "I wonder if it would be enough if I could pull the new character Verdandy or Yggdrasil."!? "

Nono "It's out! I got out in the 452nd body !! I can finally get my hands on other tasks ..." Murarin "Finally, then it's the work of making 90 characters in luck."… Luck? 90? ”

Breakdown of the character that has been discounted 459 times (bold is rare 5)

20 times: Shiva 19 times: Amaterasu, Triont, Ducati 17 times: Yadia 16 times: Aluminum Larage, Shiranui Karin, Neptune 15 times: Katsukasune Evanbacardi 14 times: Spritzer 13 times: Venus, Kurojin Saya 12 times: 12 timesFuka Kusanagi 11 times: Galahad, Kubei Kuroda 10 times: Mitsunari Ishida, Yuzuru Kurose 9 times: Enfield, John Masamune, Date Masamune, Beast, Leonidas 8 times: Snow Megumi Tenmi 7 times: Shafield, Matilda II6 times: Tristan, Valdle 5 times: Dil Lotte, cat mint wearing boots 4 times: Cerberus, Hameln, Fairy TSR3 times: Asra, Eclipse, Hakuan Road Christel, Jin, Jinguji Hyakka, Philip Kinmitsu, Hikaru Midorikawa 2 times: Red Makamichi Merlic, Kaitos, SakuragiLily, Titan, Phoenix, Flame Giant Vodka, Marlin, Green Magic Arnold, Unicorn 1 time: Rena Akagi, Red and Riding Nonno, Apollo, Vampire, Black Magic Ray Me, Saigo Takamori, DR.Abid, Tsubaki Chro, Death, Tomuka, Neo Galaxy, Freya, Hikari Mishima, Haruko Mishima, Nami Mishiro, Yanma, Loise, Loki, Rodanswall, Rodanswall, Rossa, World, Wildcat

Rare 5 characters are at most 3 times, 5.It seems that a rare 5 character appears at 23 % (24/459).The so -called "hit character" such as nonno and Loki is 0.2 % (1/459).I was disillusioned with my weakness.If you are not in the campaign, it will be more difficult to come out.

I wrote the character with a light feeling, but I didn't think it would take four days.With such a feeling, my monstrife and editor life began.For the time being, I'm going to do my best with Nonno.

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