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"Sora", the last additional fighter, participated in "Super Smash Bros. Special", and it took about a month.Everyone acknowledges the popularity of "Sora", but the characters who drank tears behind it ... Crash Bandiku introduced this time is one of the characters who wanted to participate in "Smash".It was a regular in the top 10 in the questionnaire for participating in the "Smash Bra" on this site several times.So, in this article, we deepen the popular secrets of the "Crash Bandiku" series!From the days of the first PS to the present, we approach the reasons for being loved.

スマブラ参戦を望む声も多数…『クラッシュ・バンディクー』根強い人気の秘密に迫る! | インサイド facebook twitter hatebu Pocket

The "Crash Bandiku" series that produces many series works.Among them, the most popular is the “Crash Bandiku” and “Crash Bandiku 2 Cortex counterattacks!"Crash Bandiku 3 Botto!It is an early trilogy of "around the world".All of these early trilogy was developed by American game development company Northi Dog.It is a company that has a reputation for developing action games, which are famous for the "Ancharmed" series and the "THE LAST OF US" series.

The "Ancharmed" series and the "THE LAST OF US" series are Uri TPS action games with real graphics and people depictions.At first glance, it seems far from the "Crash Bandiku" series, but in fact, the core of the game has an important commonality.

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