"Heab Burns Red" official program "Hebban Information Bureau Vol.6" will be distributed today (1/13) at 20:00!There is also a campaign to hit Ryoko Maekawa's signed colored paper

The official program of the dramatic RPG "Hebumban's Red" given by Wright Flyer Studios x Key "Hebuban Information Bureau Vol.6 "will be distributed from 20:00 today (1/13).

The following is a press release

Wright Flyer Studios × Key, the dramatic RPG "Hebumban's Red" official program "Hebuven Information Bureau Vol."6" will be distributed from 20:00 on Thursday, January 13!

In the first live broadcast of the new year, Mazumi Tazawa, Koika Shirahana, and Nene Hieda appeared as guests.

『ヘブンバーンズレッド』公式番組“ヘブバン情報局 Vol.6”が本日(1/13)20時より配信!前川涼子さんらのサイン色紙が当たるキャンペーンも実施中

Wright Flyer Studios x Key, the dramatic RPG "Hevumban's Red" is the official program on the official YouTube channel "Hebuban Information Bureau VOL..6 "will be broadcast live from 20:00 on Thursday, January 13, 2022.

The first Hebban Information Bureau of 2022 was in charge of the main MC by Ryoko Maekawa, the role of Yuki Izumi, and the guests welcomed Masan Tazawa, Koika Shirahana, and Nene Hieda from the 31C unit.Introducing the outline of the game that did not!We will also send you the exchange story of the Sakuraba Seira by Masaru Tazawa, and the actual exchange story of the Kanzaki Ardelhade by Nene Hieda.

Furthermore, to commemorate the live broadcast, Hevumburns Red Official Twitter is holding a retweet campaign to present a signed colored paper of the voice actor by lottery.Please join us!

■ Live Broadcast Overview Date, Thursday, January 13, 2022 20: 00- Broadcasting Media ▼ YouTube https: // YouTu.BE/AM0FI8HE6N8 Performer Masaru Tazawa: Sakuraba Koira Hakusa Koika: Yayoi Bungo (Bangya Yoshiyoshi) Relied Hieda: Kanzaki Ardel Hyde (Kanzaki Audo) Ryoko Maekawa (Yuki Izumi (Yuki Izumi)The role of Yuki Izumi)

■ Campaign Overview Application period: Wednesday, January 12, 2022 12: 00-2022 Thursday, January 13, 2022 23:59

How to apply: (1) Follow the official Twitter account of "Heavenburns Red" (@HeavenBurnsred) (2) Retweet the target tweet to complete the application

Premium content: One of the applicants will receive a lottery, Ryoko Maekawa, Masan Tazawa, Koika Shirahana, and Nene Hieda, as a prize.

▼ Click here for campaign tweets https: // Twitter.COM/HEAVENBURNSRED/STATUS/148109861819509555?

コピーライト(c)WFS Developed by WRIGHT FLYER STUDIOS (c) VISUAL ARTS / Key

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