"Data recorder" that was cheaper and easier to use than FDD in the first half of the 1980s ~NEC products~

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1980年代前半にFDDよりも安くて手軽に使えた「データレコーダー」 ~NEC製品編~

This is an advertisement for Basic Master Level 3, published in October 1981, and you can see that the mini floppy disk is 298,000 yen and the diskette is 1,800 yen. Considering this price, you can understand the popularity of cassette tapes and data recorders in the early 1980s.

PC-6081 (DR-310)

On the back, in addition to the MONITOR button that determines the presence or absence of audio output, there are connectors for connecting the red, black, and white terminals of the data recorder cable of CMT IN / REMOTE / CMT OUT. The audio output level could not be changed.

PC-6082 (DR-320)

The back has CMT IN/AUX/REMOTE/CMT OUT, and unlike PC-6081, AUX was installed instead of MONITOR. This is another version (?) of PC-6082. This is the one I purchased at the time, and compared to the PC-6082 introduced above, the window on the lid of the cassette was larger, making it easier to see the condition of the tape. All other specifications and model numbers are the same.


Since the cable connection part is provided on the front left side, it is easier to insert and remove than on the back. From the top, it is lined with the load level adjustment slider, phase switch, and CMT IN/REMOTE/CMT OUT.


It has a sturdy build and weighs 2.2kg, which is double that of the DR-311. From the left on the back, there are an external microphone connection terminal, a PC-60M93 connection terminal, CMT IN / REMOTE / CMT OUT, an external speaker connection terminal, and a phase change switch.

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