Aguri Onishi | A release event will be held to commemorate the release of the third single "Jellyfish na Kimi e"! - TOWER RECORDS ONLINE

[2] Reservation of target products

Aguri Onishi | Third Single『

■ Eligible stores Tower Records Online ■ Eligible reservation period March 3, 2022 (Thursday) 21:00 to April 3, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59 ■ Eligible products

With event application lottery + live streaming viewing rights


With live streaming viewing rights


* There are regular product carts that do not have the right to draw lots for the event, so please be sure to make a reservation for the above target products if you are participating. Please note that even if you purchase with a normal product cart, you will not be eligible for this event. * Tower original benefits "L version bromide" are also eligible for granting. This will end as soon as it is no longer first-come, first-served. ■Precautions when making a reservation for the target product *Registration for "Tower Records Members" is required when ordering. * Only those who have reserved the target product within the period and have made a credit card payment will be eligible. *Please note that the order will be canceled if there is an error in the credit card payment. * Reservations from other than the above target products, reservations / reservations / backorders / reservation services (Net de Kakuho) at Tower Records stores are not eligible. *Payment method: Credit card (in your name) only *Coupon: Cannot be used *Simultaneous purchase with other products: Not possible *Shipping destination: Home delivery only Please note that we cannot accept resends in this case. *Delivery will be done for each order. If you place multiple orders, we will pack and ship each order individually. *Please note that if you purchase through an overseas forwarding service, you will not be eligible for lottery rights (This event can be viewed from within Japan area only.) Please note that we cannot accept resends if returned.

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