Unnecessary long items for analog generation!?

Advantages and disadvantages of rapidly spreading display audio

It is good to be able to operate like a smartphone, but it is difficult to use for digital dysfunction

 アナログ世代には無用の長物!? 急速に普及するディスプレイオーディオの是非

 Navigation and music are indispensable for driving.I think everyone has been on the car in some form, but in recent years, display audio has been attracting attention to genuine options and after -market products.The display audio is attracting attention as an entertainment machine in a new style of cars, against in -vehicle units, which are integrated with navigation functions and audio and visual functions.In fact, the number of options as a genuine option has increased, and new products are appearing one after another in major brands in after -market.[Image] If you use it, look at the beauty of a comfortable display audio with photos

"Benefits" is the convenience of using smartphone apps as they are

 Needless to say, the feature of the display audio is that it can be used in the car in the car by connecting through "Android Auto" and "Apple CarPlay".The icon of the application on the monitor screen of the unit is designed as a smartphone, making it easy to understand without hesitation.Map apps and navigation apps for smartphones are updated almost in real time, and updates are free (may be charged by functions).Depending on the model, some audio operations are also possible.Furthermore, if you add the merits of display audio, the product price is cheaper than the integrated AV navigation machine.At the market price, even the high -end models often cost less than 100,000 yen, and some models can be purchased in the 30,000 yen range for entry models.

"Disadvantage" is to consume data communication such as smartphones

 So, are there any disadvantages?The display audio basically depends on the connected smartphone.Therefore, data communication is basically required to do anything.In the car navigation function, the consumption of data communication used depends on the application used, or the distance to be used, the number of relations, etc., so be careful if you have a minimum communication plan that cannot be said in general.The point you want to do.In places where mobile communication radio waves cannot be picked up, there are scenes such as stopping the navigation function.In addition, many basic display audio do not have CD or DVD playback functions.For music, even if you use a smartphone music app, the key point is to select a model to watch the video on the display audio, a unit with a DVD playback function, or a model that has an HDMI terminal and a model that supports an external digital tuner.You need to choose.In addition, if you have this HDMI terminal, you will be able to mirror with your smartphone, and you will be able to enjoy video apps.With this in mind, it is safe to select the top model equipped with this if you have switched from the previous AV navigation aircraft.If you don't watch the video, a basic model will be enough if you use a smartphone app.


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