[2022] High-performance Android tablet recommended ranking | Compare high-end models

In this article, we will introduce the latest high-performance Android tablet recommendation ranking in 2022.

From reading devices to laptop replacements, tablets are versatile devices.

Since it is used every day like a smartphone, many people seem to consider replacing it after a few years.

However, there are many types of tablets, and you may be wondering which tablet to buy.

If you are considering purchasing an Android tablet, or if you are considering a replacement, please refer to this article to find the tablet you want.


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High performance Android tablet recommended ranking

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We will introduce the recommended Android tablets in 2022 in ranking format.

The theme this time is "high performance", so I'll introduce something with excellent specs suitable for general use and beyond.

We will introduce 7 models in total, focusing on the latest high-end tablets.

High-performance Android tablet recommended ranking

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The Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 is Lenovo's latest high-end tablet launched in August 2021.

Equipped with Snapdragon 870 and 8GB of RAM, it boasts the highest performance among Android tablets currently available.

With a 13-inch wide display and JBL speakers, you can enjoy plenty of videos and games.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 Specs

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body sizeHeight: About 204.0mm Width: About 293.4mm Thickness: About 6.2mm (at thinnest part)
WeightAbout 830g
Display size13 inches
Outside cameraNone
In-camera8 million pixels
CPUSnapdragon 870
OSAndroid 11
Water and dust resistanceNone
ColorShadow black

High-performance models are concerned about battery life, but this unit is equipped with a large-capacity battery of 10,000mAh and can be used for about 12 hours.

It also supports fast charging, so you don't have to worry if you don't have much time to charge.

Yoga Tab 13 is the most recommended tablet for those who want to choose an Android tablet with a focus on specs anyway.

If I had to sum up the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 in one word, it would be a tablet that has everything you want.

In addition to the specs, the display quality is also excellent, and it is expected to be active in various applications such as games and watching movies.

The sound is also equipped with 4 JBL speakers that support Dolby Atmos, so you can enjoy a full-fledged presence.

You can also use the compact kickstand to stand on its own.

This is an easy-to-use unit that can be used in any situation, whether on a desk or while sleeping!

Rakuten Ichiba78,609 yenView shop

Yoga Tab 13 is a mass retailer model , not sold at Lenovo official stores.

The lowest price shop changes every time, but if you don't want to search everywhere, we recommend buying from the lowest price shop on Rakuten Ichiba.

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Galaxy Tab S7 is a high-end tablet released in August 2020.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE (Fan Edition) was released in May 2021, but the performance is more modest than the Galaxy Tab S7.

Therefore, if you choose based on specs, choose the unmarked Galaxy Tab S7 instead of the latest Galaxy Tab S7 Fe.

Galaxy Tab S7 Specs

body sizeHeight: 165.3mm Width: 253.8mm Thickness: 6.3mm (at thinnest part)
Display size11 inches
Out camera13 million pixels 5 million pixels
In-camera8 million pixels
CPUSnapdragon 865+
OSAndroid 10
Water and dust resistanceNone
ColorMystic Black, Mystic Bronze, etc.

The Galaxy Tab S4 has high processing power with the SoC "Snapdragon 865+" released by Qualcomm and 6GB of RAM.

AnTuTu's comprehensive benchmark scores less than 600,000, so it's more than enough specs to do anything.

In addition, Dolby Atmos and 3D surround sound provide a rich sound environment.

The storage capacity is 128GB, but you can also purchase 256GB and 512GB versions from the official Samsung website.

There are four colors available: Mystic Black, Mystic Bronze, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Navy.

Please find your favorite way to customize with the optional keyboard.

The biggest feature of Galaxy Tab S7 is DeX mode and multi-window function.

DeX mode is for using a tablet like a notebook PC with a keyboard (sold separately), which is useful for business use.

By using this, you can use the external display as well as the keyboard and mouse, so it will be very convenient to use.

Also, thanks to the multi-window function, multiple apps can be displayed simultaneously on a large display on a single tablet, making work easier.

In addition, a high-quality stylus unique to Samsung is included, allowing you to comfortably write illustrations and text.

From entertainment to business, it is a very convenient tablet that can be used in a wide range of ways.

Galaxy Tab S7 is not officially sold in Japan as of January 2022. To purchase, you need to import from overseas SAMSUNG official mail order or EC site such as Amazon. For the time being, the prices of Amazon parallel import goods as of January 2022 are as follows.

128GB91,199 YenView Shop
256GB96,900 YenView shop

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The Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 was released as a Wi-Fi model in July 2021 and a SIM-free model in October.

It is a model with a smaller screen size and specs than the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 introduced in first place, and it is a high-cost one that you can get at about half the price.

Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 Specs

body sizeHeight: Approx. 169mm Width: Approx. 256.8mm Thickness: Approx. 7.9mm (thinnest part)
WeightApprox. 650g
Display size11 inches
Outside camera8 million pixels
In-camera8 million pixels
CPUMediaTek Helio G90T
OSAndroid 11< /td>
Water and dust resistanceNone
ColorStorm Gray< /td>
*SIM-free model is RAM 4GB, ROM 128GB only

Specs are RAM 4GB, ROM 128GB and RAM 8GB, ROM 256GB model there is.

The price difference is around 5,000 yen, so if you want to focus on specs, you should choose the model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM.

In addition, Helio G90T is installed in the CPU, and the benchmark AnTuTu total score is around 300,000, and it runs smoothly for most purposes.

With 7,500mAh, you can use it for 15 hours, so you can use it for a whole day.

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 11 isn't the top spec, but it's a tablet that's more than capable of doing anything.

You can enjoy high-quality video and music with a display that supports Dolby Vision and a JBL speaker that supports Dolby Atmos.

Although the image quality is not high, it also has an out-camera that the Lenovo Yoga Tab 13 does not have.

There is also a SIM-free model, so you can contract with a carrier or a cheap SIM and go out with just the Yoga Tab 11.

Rakuten Ichiba4GB: ¥41,235View shop
8GB: ¥48,180Shop View
SIM free: 41,770 yenView shop

Yoga Tab 11 is a mass retailer model and cannot be purchased at Lenovo official shops.

The cheapest shop changes frequently, but if you buy at the cheapest shop on Rakuten Ichiba for the time being, you can get it at a price close to the lowest price overall.

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[2022] High performance Android tablet Recommended ranking | Compare high-end models

The NEC LAVIE T1195/BAS is the latest top model of the LAVIE series, which became the No. 1 domestic Android tablet share in 2020.

Equipped with a 11.5-inch organic EL display, the HDR10 compatible screen with beautiful color contrast and black expression is perfect for enjoying videos and games.

In addition, it is a tablet that is easy on the eyes because it has blue light reduction certification.

Specs of NEC LAVIE T1195/BAS

< /tr>
body sizeHeight: 171.4mm Width: 264.3mm Thickness: 5.8mm (at thinnest part)
WeightAbout 485g
Display size11.5 inches
Out-cameraApprox. 13 million pixels + approx. 500 10,000 pixels
In-cameraAbout 8 million pixels + about 8 million pixels
Battery< /td>8,400mAh
CPUSnapdragon 730G
OS Android 10
Water and dust resistanceNone
Other JBL Quad speaker (Dolby Atmos® compatible)

In addition to the display and speakers, this unit is also particular about the camera.

There are two cameras on the back and one on the front, and one on the back has an effective pixel count of about 13 million pixels and is equipped with autofocus.

In addition, with a large capacity battery of 8,400mAh, you can browse the web for 15.6 hours.

In addition to facial recognition with a web camera, it also has a fingerprint authentication function, making it a very convenient tablet in terms of functionality.

The NEC LAVIE T1195/BAS is a tablet with an 8-core high-performance processor and high-speed storage UFS.

The AnTuTu benchmark score is around 280,000, but launching apps and loading video files has a comfortable speed even within the same spec range.

In addition, the beautiful unibody carved from an aluminum alloy plate is also attractive.

It has a stylish design and is lightweight and slim, without sacrificing strength, so you can use it outdoors with peace of mind.

NEC Direct65,780 yenView shop
NEC LAVIE T1195/BAS price is directly sold by the manufacturer NEC Direct is 65,780 yen.

BOOX Nova Air is an E Ink tablet released in September 2021.

Since the display is monochrome and the colors are different from normal liquid crystals, it is not a product for everyone.

However, for those who use Kindle or Rakuten Kobo, it is a tablet that I would like you to consider.

BOOX Nova Air specs

< tr>
body sizeHeight: About 19fmm Width: About 136.5mm Thickness: About 6.3mm
WeightAbout 235g
Display size7.8 inches
Outside camera-
CPU Qualcomm 8 core (Cortex-A72 + Cortex-A55) detailed model number unknown
OSAndroid 10
Water and dust resistanceNone
ColorSilver Gray

It's not the most powerful Android tablet, but it's pretty good among EInk tablets.

BOOX Nova Air can not only read e-books but also write notes with the attached pen.

The 7.8-inch, 235g, compact and ultra-lightweight body weighs only 435g, including the pen and dedicated sleeve case.

In addition, the dedicated case has a physical button that allows you to instantly turn pages in many e-book apps without touching the screen.

Apps that support physical buttons

If you want to read a lot with multiple book apps and manga apps, BOOX Nova Air is a highly recommended device.

SKT NET SHOP (manufacturer official)43,800 yenView shop
Amazon43,800 YenView Shop
Rakuten Market¥43,800View Shop

BOOX Nova Air is basically sold for 43,800 yen on the manufacturer's official website and other stores.

Therefore, it is better to first find a shop where you want to accumulate points.

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The NEC LAVIE T1175/BAS is a tablet sold as a model one level below the 4th place NEC LAVIE T1195/BAS.

The screen is slightly smaller and the specs are slightly different, but the price is also modest.

Therefore, it can be said that it is recommended for those who are looking for a tablet with high cost performance.

Specs of NEC LAVIE T1175/BAS

< tr>< td>CPU
body sizeHeight: 163mm Width: 258.4mm Thickness: 7.5mm
WeightAbout 490g
Display size11 inches
Out-cameraApprox. 13 million pixels
In-cameraAbout 8 million pixels
Snapdragon 662
OSAndroid 10
Waterproof and dustproof performanceIPX2/IP5X
OthersSpeakers x 4 (Dolby Atmos® compatible)

Checking the specs, the top model NEC LAVIE T1195/BAS You can see that it has a waterproof and dustproof specification that is not available.

It is suitable for use not only in living rooms and offices, but also in places where there is a risk of water and dust, such as kitchens and outdoor scenes.

Although it is equipped with 8 cores, it is not suitable for heavy processing such as 3D games compared to the top model, but it can be said that the specs are sufficient for daily use.

The RAM capacity is also at a satisfactory level considering the price.

NEC LAVIE T1175/BAS is a tablet that features "sound quality" and "display".

It supports Dolby Atmos and has four speakers, so you can enjoy high-quality sound with a sense of presence.

In addition, it is equipped with a high-definition LED IPS display of 2,000 x 1,200 dots, which is higher than full high-definition.

You can enjoy watching videos of full-fledged beauty.

NEC Direct47,080 YenView shop
The price of NEC LAVIE T1195/BAS is directly sold by the manufacturer. NEC Direct is 47,080 yen.

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dtab Compact was released in December 2020 and is a tablet that is exclusively handled by DOCOMO.

Recommended if you are thinking of using a tablet with a Docomo line, or if you are purchasing a tablet for children or seniors.

Specs of dtab Compact d-42A

< td>Display size< tr>< td>CPU
body sizeHeight: 198mm Width: 122mm Thickness: 8.3mm
WeightAbout 326g
About 8.0 inches
Out-cameraAbout 8 million pixels
In-cameraAbout 5 million pixels
Snapdragon 665
OSAndroid 10
Waterproof and dustproof performanceIPX3/IP5X
ColorNavy, Gold
OtherseSIM compatible
Because it is made by Lenovo, the specs are decent.

Since it can be used outdoors with a docomo line, it is convenient to carry along with its small body.

However, since the storage capacity is as small as 64GB, it would be better to use a micro SD card as well.

The biggest feature of dtab Compact d-42A is "Kids Mode".

The tablet user is identified by fingerprint or face recognition, and the kids mode is activated when a child uses it.

By blocking harmful websites and apps, it's the perfect tablet for home use.

In addition, it comes with a high-performance microphone and a stand with a charging function, which is great for remote meetings and classes.

You can use it for a long time hands-free without stress.

Even though it's a tablet for home use, it's a satisfying finish with Dolby Audio and aptX compatible full-fledged sound.

< td>docomo official shop
How to buyPrice
Lump sum payment35,640 yen
Payment in installments990 yen x 36 times
If you purchase the dtab Compact d-42A alone, the total payment is 35,640 yen. Since it is a docomo monopoly, please use the docomo online shop to purchase.

If you want to know more about the dtab Compact d-42A, please refer to this article. Evaluation review of dtab Compact d-42A | What is the power of a low-priced tablet?

Check out how to choose a high-performance Android tablet!

From here, let's check the points you want to pay attention to when choosing an Android tablet.

It can be said that the recommended points are roughly the same for any tablet, not just Android.

Keep the following points in mind to choose the perfect tablet for you.

How to choose a high-performance Android tablet

In order to use a tablet comfortably, it is necessary to pay attention to the specifications to be installed.

If you choose a tablet with low specifications, the operation may become slow or stuttering, and you will not be able to use it comfortably.

Also, be careful not to choose a low spec tablet as the app may crash.

By the way, among the tablets introduced this time, Yoga Tab 13 and Galaxy Tab S7 have the highest specs.

Conversely, the BOOX Nova Air is a high-performance tablet for books, but it should be noted that it is not high-performance for games and movies.

Tablet display sizes range from 7 inches to 13 inches.

Since the size of the main unit depends on the size of the display, please check carefully if you value size.

If portability is important, you should choose 7 to 8 inches, and if you want a large screen display, you should choose 10 inches or more.

Image source:

When choosing an Android tablet, we recommend that you also pay attention to the version of Android that it is equipped with.

Even if the latest version of Android is released, it cannot be used until the manufacturer updates it.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose the one with the latest OS installed at the time of purchase.

As of January 2022, the latest Android OS version is "Android 12".

Unfortunately, there are no tablets with Android 12 pre-installed yet, so if you want to buy now, pick a model with Android 10-11.

There may be many people who want to use the Internet without using tethering while away from home.

In that case, please choose one that says "LTE compatible" or "SIM free".

LTE compatible tablets can use mobile lines by directly inserting a SIM.

However, please note that the price is higher than the Wi-Fi model.

When choosing an Android tablet, we recommend that you keep these points in mind.

High-performance Android tablet recommended ranking summary

This time, we introduced 7 recommended Android tablets in 2022 in a ranking format.

We have picked up and introduced those with high-performance specifications that can be used not only for everyday use but also for hard use.

Each tablet has its own characteristics, so be sure to consider them when purchasing.

The list of tablets introduced this time is as follows.

Recommended high-performance Android tablets

From high-end models to cost-effective models, and for families, find the one that's perfect for you.

Choose a tablet that you can use comfortably and make your life more fulfilling!

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